What we believeWhat we do
We believe responsible investing is smart investing and does not need to be at the expense of investment performance, people or the planet.We employ high quality investment products for implementation, with ethical screening that matches, as closely as practical, the values of our client base.
Markets are inefficient at both a macro (asset class) and micro (security) level.We employ active management in both asset allocation and security selection, where skilled managers can be selected that will add value on a net of fees basis
We believe in high conviction, long term investing. There is no point putting client’s funds into B grade ideas.We look for high conviction managers who are willing to back their best ideas for the long term. These managers research business fundamentals from the bottom up and let time do its work.
We are comfortable looking different. Portfolios should be built to meet the needs of investors rather than with reference to peers.We design multi-asset portfolios with the aim of maximising the likelihood of meeting investors’ investment objectives, allowing for their specific constraints and preferences, such as liquidity preferences and ESG.
Superior returns can be achieved through being early adopters.We are willing to invest in newer and/or “satellite” managers to enhance client outcomes, subject to due diligence and portfolio fit.
Diversification is the only “free lunch” in investing, and should be maximised in all its forms.We diversify client portfolios both across and within asset classes, incorporating multiple independent insights into portfolio decision making.